Does this sound familiar?

πŸ’­ You dream of having a lush indoor oasis
🧐 You're tired of constantly Googling plant care tips and still feeling unsure
🌿 You're hesitant to expand your plant collection because you fear you'll just end up with more casualties
😭 You're trying your hand at plant care, but are struggling to keep your plants in beautiful shape

Hey! I'm Richard

And welcome to my leafy world of Sheffield Made Plants!

So, picture this: 12 years ago, I was given a lonely peace lily, which I managed to keep just about alive. But then, lockdown hit, and suddenly, I found myself diving headfirst into the world of plant care.

What started as a humble housewarming present blossomed into a bustling jungle of over 200 thriving plants.

Richard in his home
Fast forward to 2022 – that's when I decided to spread the green gospel by launching the Sheffield Made Plants YouTube channel. With over 285k subscribers (and counting!), my videos offer a blend of useful tips, entertaining house tours, and the occasional laugh-out-loud moment. And yes, that peace lily? Still standing tall and proud!

Mastering the art of plant parenthood is a journey of ups and downs. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as watering your plants and crossing your fingers. Along the way, I've learned the value of dedication, finding the right mentor, and fully immersing myself.

Now, I'm thrilled to introduce a fresh program designed to equip you with the skills and know-how to cultivate your very own indoor jungle. Get ready to embark on a leafy adventure with me!

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Save Yourself Time (And Dead Plants)

Gain invaluable insights and techniques that will transform your plant care approach, saving you countless hours of trial and error and ensuring your plants thrive effortlessly.

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Stress-Free Plant Parenthood

Say goodbye to the anxiety and frustration of watching your plants struggle.

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Elevated Home Environment

You'll create a lush and vibrant indoor oasis that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also fosters a healthier and more harmonious living space.

Here's What You Get...

The Houseplant SOS Course

Exclusive Video Content

Over 1 hour of exclusive video content, tutorials, and step-by-step guides that you won't find anywhere else.

Plant Terminology PDF

Get instant access to my Key Plant Terminologies PDF that will teach you how to speak the language of a true plant aficionado.

30 Common Plants Guide

You'll also immediately get access to my handy guidebook, where you'll learn about 30 common houseplants and how to care for each.

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